Maestro School of Technopreneur Student Got AMI Award 2016

Muhammad Khalid from Maestro School of Technopreneur has contributed to get AMI Awards 2016 

Anugrah Musik Indonesia (AMI) is the most prestigious event for all musician in Indonesia, where many awards were given from Anugrah Musik Indonesia Foundation to the best musicians who had dedicated and contributed a lot in Indonesia music industry. This year is the 19th AMI celebration. The ultimate event was celebrated in Ecopark Ancol, Jakarta on Wednesday (28/9). There were 73 awards which would be given in 47 general categories and three best-of-the best categories and two special awards. One of categories which was included in assessment is The Best Dance/Electronic Dance Music Production. The nominators of this category were: Dipha Barus feat. Kalula (No One Can’t Stop Us), Cindy Bernadette (Fallin), Rizuka (Nobody Else), Soundwave (Salah) and Syahrini feat. Kevin Bun (Dream Big). Fortunately, Dipha Barus feat. Kalula was chosen to be the winner of this category.

Dhipa’s journey as a DJ in Indonesia definitely cannot be neglected from his co-producer’s hard work, Muhammad Khalid (20), one of students of Maestro School of Technopreneur. Khalid has accompanied Dipha for almost two years since 2014. The song No One Can’t Stop Us was arranged by Khalid since 2014. This award has shown that Khalid as a Maestro School of Technpreneur student has proven that his passion in music is not only brings him to fond of music, but also earns him award.

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