It is an academic program for students to understand anything about business through theoretical learning activities. These activities are facilitated by high experienced tutors, also practitioners in their field. We hold the study activities in various places, not only in the class, to prevent students from saturation. This program is held in the first week every month in any place (not only in MSoT campus). There are 8 sessions per semester in this program. (Download Courses)

Purposes of Business Tutorial Program:

  • Giving basic knowledge of business in general as a provision for internship
  • Helping students in understanding business phenomena theoretically
  • Providing students with soft skills that can support internship process


It is a business learning program through internship activity supervised by a maestro (successful and high experienced person in business). By joining this program, students will get a lot of knowledge, skills and experiences in their business world. Internship takes 80% of points from academic program. This program is held for 3 weeks in every moth. Students will be directly facilitated by the maestro and supervised by a coach who is always ready to discuss problems or topic in business. 

Purposes of Internship Program:

  • Providing real business experiences to students
  • Facilitating students to learn business process face to face with the maestro
  • Facilitating students to deepen their technical business skills


Success in business is everyone's right. And everyone has unique talent, strength and potential skills in spite of his/her condition, including they who have special needs. Maestro School of Technopreneur provides opportunity for teenagers who have special needs  to boost their talents, strenghts and potential skills which encourage them to be independent and successful ini business.

Purposes of Special Needs Program:

  • To provide opportunity to teenagers who have special needs to sharpen their talents, strenghts and potential skills.
  • To provide business practice experiences to teenagers who have special needs through internship as business exercise media.
  • To escort teenagers who have special needs in doing their business activities.


Business Challenge

It is a business activity designed to train students’ mental and skills in solving and finishing a challenge given by mentors at our campus.

The activity includes teamwork and personal business challenge in which the students will be challenged to solve one business program design with using their emotional sensitivity and or logic. 

In general, the given challenge is an assignment designed by direct practicing and showing it at the public area with any kind of game tricks, simulations and involvement in providing business capital

Business Trip

It is a trip to give students new knowledge and vision by visiting any kind of big companies and getting business class from the owners. This activity is usually held in 3-5 days with the purpose to enhance their skills in developing networks, partnership, negotiation, and to get a chance for founders to funders

Business Community (Maestro Muda Community)

It is a program to create networks to support students’ business activity. This activity provides a gathering of businessmen and young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and experiences to collaborate and share their business accelerating.

Business Adventure

It is a survival activity to enhance students’ leadership sensitivity and teamwork which might be draining them emotionally and physically.